Kick Steps

Kick Steps

Kick Steps

We have a range of kick steps available such as steel kick steps in plastic kick steps which are both perfect for use when wanting to gain easy access but without having to push or pull a large ladder, kick steps are mobile easy to use and have a load capacity of 150 kg.

Our steel kick steps are manufactured from high-quality steel and rubber for maximum safety and durability when in use, mounted on three sprung loaded polly properly casters which tracked and weight is applied to stop movability. Available in six colours such as red, blue, black, grey, green and yellow.

Our plastic kick steps are constructed from the top and durable plastic which are lightweight and incorporate a non slip platform to keep users safe. Mounted on three retractable polly properly on casters the kickstart will not slide roll or tip over when in use. Coming in a range of colours such as green, blue, red and black.

What are Kick Steps?

Kick steps, also known as kick stools or mobile safety stools, are compact and mobile step stools designed to provide a convenient and safe way to reach elevated areas. These stools feature a wheeled base and a non-slip platform that allows users to easily move and position the step stool with a simple kick motion. Kick steps are typically made from sturdy materials such as steel or plastic, ensuring durability and stability.

What are Kick Steps Used For?

Kick steps are used in various residential, commercial, and industrial settings where frequent access to elevated areas is required. They are commonly used in retail stores, offices, libraries, warehouses, and workshops. Kick steps provide a safe and efficient solution for tasks such as reaching high shelves, accessing storage areas, retrieving or storing items, and performing maintenance or cleaning duties.

How to Use Kick Steps Effectively

  • Select the Right Kick Step: Choose a kick step that suits your specific needs and the intended application. Consider factors such as height requirements, weight capacity, and the type of flooring in the area where the kick step will be used.
  • Positioning and Stability: Place the kick step on a flat and even surface, ensuring it is stable and secure before use. Make sure all casters or wheels are in good working condition and lock them in place to prevent accidental movement while standing on the kick step.
  • Step with Caution: Approach the kick step from the front and position yourself in the center of the platform. Use one foot to give a light kick to the base of the kick step, allowing it to move easily into the desired position. Maintain balance and stability by holding onto a nearby surface or using the handrail, if available.
  • Step Down Safely: When stepping down from the kick step, ensure that the surrounding area is clear of obstacles. Place your hands on the handrail or a nearby surface for support as you descend.
  • Store Properly: After use, position the kick step in a designated storage area, ensuring it is out of the way and not blocking any walkways or access points. Lock the casters or wheels to prevent unintended movement during storage.

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