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Mobile Steps

Mobile steps

We stock a range of mobile steps that include fort wide tread steps, fort mobile safety steps, fort easy glide steps, fort spring steps and fort mobile steps. We have a number of treads available from 2 to 15 to enable you to have the greatest accessibility that what you would need in your workplace.

Our fort tread mobile steps have a 48° incline with a tread of 750 mm wide and 180 mm deep this allows greater surface area for users to ascend and descend steps. Standing on to 200 mm black rubber tires and two 125 mm rubber tire casters mounted on the easy action grip lift mechanism. Whereas our fort mobile safety steps have a tread depth of 145 mm which are standing on two 160 mm rubber wheels and two 100 mm swivel nine on casters with a guard rail at the top to ensure user safety. We also feature fort easy glide mobile steps with domed feet feet, these have nonslip expanded steel mesh treads and a platform size of a 400 mm x 300 mm.

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What are Mobile Steps?

Mobile steps are portable and maneuverable access solutions designed to provide convenient and safe access to elevated areas. These steps are equipped with wheels or casters, allowing them to be easily moved and positioned wherever needed. Mobile steps are typically constructed from durable materials such as steel or aluminum and feature a stable platform with anti-slip surfaces.

What are Mobile Steps Used For?

Mobile steps have a wide range of applications in various industries and settings. They are commonly used in warehouses, workshops, factories, retail stores, offices, schools, and more. Mobile steps provide a versatile and efficient solution for accessing elevated areas, performing tasks such as stock picking, maintenance work, inventory management, shelving organization, and general access to higher platforms or storage areas.

How to Use Mobile Steps Effectively

  • Select the Right Mobile Steps: Choose mobile steps that are suitable for your specific needs and the intended application. Consider factors such as height requirements, weight capacity, number of steps, and the type of flooring in the area where the mobile steps will be used.
  • Positioning and Stability: Before using mobile steps, ensure that the floor or surface is level and clear of obstacles. Lock the wheels or casters in place to prevent unintended movement while standing on the steps. Position the mobile steps close to the area that needs to be accessed, ensuring a safe and stable working position.
  • Ascend and Descend with Caution: When climbing mobile steps, maintain a firm grip on the handrails (if available) and face the steps directly. Ascend and descend one step at a time, placing your entire foot securely on each step before proceeding to the next. Avoid rushing and maintain three points of contact for stability and balance.
  • Work Safely: While using mobile steps, ensure that the platform remains clear of any tools, materials, or obstructions that could cause a trip or fall hazard. Keep your body centered and avoid leaning too far to either side. If necessary, use tool belts or trays to carry items, keeping your hands free for climbing.
  • Store and Maintain: After use, position the mobile steps in a designated storage area, making sure they are secured and not blocking any walkways or access points. Regularly inspect the mobile steps for any signs of damage or wear, and address any issues promptly. Clean the steps as needed and store them in a dry and secure location.

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