Post Pallets & Dollies



We stock a wide range of pallets, these industrial pallets are built for a variety of different applications in the workplace. Helping to pack and store products safety and securely throughout your warehouse enabling employees to easily transport them. Buy Pallets from us.

Our range includes post pallets to pack and ship big bulky warehouse items, this includes our plastic pallet box and wooden pallet box to cover you for whatever your business needs. We also have half drop side pallets and open fronted side pallets which add versatility to our range. If you need to empty or refill these pallets, view our range of trucks and trolleys to help you move stock around.

Metal post pallets stackable up to 4 units high, can conveniently store products away. Our pallet posts are made to last, most products stored on wooden pallets are unable to take the strain of the weight involved, but by buying pallet posts you can be sure that your products are stored safely and correctly.

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