Distribution Trolleys

Distribution Trolleys

Distribution Trolleys

Store and distribute around the workplace and warehouse with our range of distribution trolleys. Warehouse distribution trolleys are versatile and mobile while also preventing injury by the user not having to carry anything. Also known as boxwell trolleys, they come with mesh sides and optional lockable doors so no products or items fall out on transportation while the mesh enables the user to see what they are transporting.

vailable in a range of colours such as; blue, green, red, light blue and light grey. Heights available are 1355mm, 1655mm and 1955mm with Widths available in; 900mm and 12mm. Capacities at 100kg UDL (uniformly distributed load) load capacity per shelf with a total unit capacity of 500kg, the wheels that are fitted at 2 fixed and 2 swivel heavy duty castors.

Ideal for warehouse environments, however distribution trolleys are also a great fit for retail and educational areas by being able to move various stocks or items around. If you need something for those smaller areas, then our shelf trolleys will do the job.

What is a distribution trolley?

A distribution trolley is a versatile equipment designed to facilitate the movement and distribution of goods in various industries. It typically features a sturdy frame with multiple shelves or compartments, allowing for efficient organization and transportation of items. Distribution trolleys are commonly used in warehouses, distribution centers, retail settings, and logistics operations to streamline the distribution process and improve operational efficiency.

How to use a distribution trolley?

Using a distribution trolley is a straightforward process. Follow these steps for proper usage:

  • Assess your load: Determine the items you need to distribute and ensure they are suitable for transport on the trolley. Consider weight limitations and any specific handling requirements.
  • Load the trolley: Place the items onto the shelves or compartments of the distribution trolley, distributing the weight evenly for balance and stability. Secure the load if necessary, using straps or other securing mechanisms.
  • Maneuver the trolley: Grip the handles of the distribution trolley firmly and push or pull it in the desired direction. Utilize the swivel casters or wheels for smooth movement, navigating corners and obstacles with care.
  • Unload the trolley: Once you reach the distribution point or destination, bring the trolley to a stop in a safe and stable location. Carefully remove the items from the trolley, ensuring proper handling and placement.
  • Maintain and store the trolley: After use, clean the trolley if needed and store it in a designated area to ensure its longevity and easy accessibility for future distribution tasks.

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