Maintenance Trolleys

Maintenance Trolleys

Maintenance Trolleys

Our maintenance trolleys are built for any task you have. Coming in a range of shelves, cupboards, drawers and tops, MDF and Steel you can fit anything you might need in the trolley. Both steel maintenance trolleys and MDF maintenance trolleys can be used in a wide range of applications across the business. If you need something just as robust but for smaller areas our shelf trolleys or will fit nicely.

The height of these trolleys are 1050mm with a depth of 600mm. We have different variants of depth which are; 900mm and 1200mm. Built with tubular steel with powder coated light grey frame and a blue or grey colour door or drawer depending on what you choose. All fitted with 2 fixed and 2 swivel heavy duty castors.

What is a maintenance trolley?

A maintenance trolley is a specialized equipment designed to assist with maintenance tasks in various industries. It typically features a sturdy frame with shelves, compartments, and hooks to accommodate tools, equipment, and supplies necessary for maintenance activities. Maintenance trolleys are specifically engineered to provide convenience and efficiency during maintenance operations, allowing technicians to have easy access to tools and materials while working on equipment or performing maintenance tasks.

How to use a maintenance trolley?

Using a maintenance trolley is a straightforward process. Follow these steps for proper usage:

  • Assess your maintenance needs: Determine the tools, equipment, and supplies required for the maintenance task at hand. Organize and prepare them for easy access and efficient workflow.
  • Load the trolley: Place the necessary tools, equipment, and supplies onto the shelves, compartments, and hooks of the maintenance trolley. Arrange them in a logical order to ensure easy retrieval during the maintenance process.
  • Move the trolley: Grip the handles of the maintenance trolley firmly and push or pull it to the location where maintenance work needs to be performed. Ensure a clear and safe pathway, taking care to navigate around obstacles.
  • Perform maintenance tasks: With the maintenance trolley by your side, easily access the tools and equipment you need during the maintenance process. Retrieve and return items to their designated spots on the trolley as necessary, maintaining an organized and efficient workflow.
  • Complete the maintenance work: Once the maintenance task is finished, ensure all tools and equipment are returned to the trolley for safekeeping and easy transport.
  • Store the trolley: After use, clean and organize the maintenance trolley. Store it in a designated area, ready for future maintenance tasks.

What is a maintenance trolley used for?

A maintenance trolley is used for various maintenance activities across different industries. It serves as a portable workstation and storage solution, providing technicians with easy access to tools, equipment, and supplies required for maintenance tasks. Maintenance trolleys are commonly used for equipment repairs, inspections, installations, and general maintenance work. They improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance the overall organization of maintenance operations. By having all necessary tools and materials readily available on the trolley, technicians can efficiently move from one task to another, ensuring smooth and effective maintenance processes.

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