Turntable Trucks

Turntable Trucks

Turntable Trucks

We stock industrial purpose turntable trucks, coming with or without sides on a flat plywood or mesh bash with option mesh sides and ends. Our bases have an option of plywood or mesh bases to suit the item you are moving. Built on a large platform 1500mm length and a width of 750mm. The wheels are on REACH compliant 340mm steel centred for easy manoeuvrability under heavy loads. These turntable trucks can hold a maximum load of 500kg meaning it can take a lot of weight from a big product or multiple smaller ones. If whatever you’re moving doesn’t fit in a turntable truck, then our sided platform trucks will do the open, with a range of sides, ends and capacities.

Turntable trucks are essential tools in material handling operations, offering a versatile solution for transporting goods and equipment with ease. With their unique design and maneuverability, these trucks provide efficient and convenient movement in tight spaces. In this article, we will explore what turntable trucks are, how to use them effectively, and delve into their diverse range of applications across different industries.

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What is a Turntable Truck?

A turntable truck, also known as a rotating platform truck, features a rotating platform mounted on a central axis. This design allows the truck to pivot and maneuver smoothly, making it ideal for navigating confined spaces and narrow aisles. Turntable trucks come in various sizes and load capacities to accommodate different requirements.

How to Use a Turntable Truck?

Using a turntable truck is straightforward and can significantly improve material handling efficiency. Follow these steps to make the most of your turntable truck:

  • Load Placement: Begin by placing the items or equipment to be transported onto the platform of the truck. Ensure that the load is properly balanced and evenly distributed to maintain stability during movement.
  • Secure the Load: If necessary, use straps, bungee cords, or other securing mechanisms to fasten the load to the platform. This step adds an extra layer of safety and prevents items from shifting or falling off the truck during transit.
  • Maneuver with Precision: The key feature of a turntable truck is its ability to rotate or swivel on its central axis. To effectively maneuver the truck, engage the turntable mechanism and pivot the platform in the desired direction. This flexibility allows for smooth navigation around obstacles and tight corners.
  • Operate Safely: While operating the turntable truck, maintain a clear line of sight and be mindful of other personnel or obstacles in your surroundings. Take controlled movements and adjust the steering as needed to ensure safe and efficient transportation of the load.

What are Turntable Trucks Used for?

Turntable trucks find extensive application in various industries, providing solutions for efficient material handling in diverse environments. Some common uses include:

  • Warehousing: Turntable trucks are valuable assets in warehouse operations, particularly in areas with limited space. Their ability to navigate narrow aisles and tight corners makes them ideal for moving inventory, picking orders, and replenishing shelves.
  • Retail Environments: In retail settings, turntable trucks facilitate the movement of products from storage areas to the sales floor. Their maneuverability allows staff to transport merchandise through crowded spaces, ensuring efficient restocking and visual merchandising.
  • Manufacturing and Assembly: Turntable trucks are widely used in manufacturing and assembly lines to transport components or finished products between workstations. Their agility and flexibility enable smooth workflow and facilitate just-in-time delivery within the production process.
  • Hospitality and Events: In the hospitality industry, turntable trucks play a crucial role in transporting supplies, equipment, and materials for events, conferences, and banquets. Their ability to navigate through crowded venues simplifies logistics and ensures timely setup and breakdown.

Turntable trucks provide a versatile and practical solution for efficient material handling in various industries. With their rotating platform and maneuverability, these trucks enable seamless navigation in tight spaces and optimize workflow. Incorporating turntable trucks into your operations can enhance productivity, streamline processes, and improve overall material handling efficiency. Explore the benefits of turntable trucks and discover how they can revolutionize your material handling tasks in warehousing, retail, manufacturing, and hospitality environments.

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