Heavy Duty Racking

Heavy Duty Racking

Heavy Duty Racking

Heavy duty racking systems come standing at 2000mm high with a choice of widths and depths available, withs from 915mm to 2440mm and depths of 305mm to 1220mm with a maximum bay load of 2000kg.

Heavy duty racking meets the needs of the warehouse no matter how big or small. Bays are supplied with 5 levels and a choice of 6 width and depth options. Bays come with uprights, plastic feet, frame beams and ties, deck supports and chipboard decking. Finished in blue uprights and grey beams and ties. Industrial racking can be customised, starting with an initial bay, you can add extension bays to it to create a run of racking to store even more items.

If you need storage with less capacity we have a range of heavy duty shelving available as well. Or if you are trying to store bars or sheet material we also a range of bar racks and vertical sheet storage.

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What is Heavy Duty Racking?

Heavy-duty racking is a durable and robust storage system designed to withstand substantial weight and provide efficient storage for bulky and heavy items. This type of racking is constructed with sturdy materials such as steel and offers various configurations, including selective pallet racking, cantilever racking, and drive-in racking. Heavy-duty racking provides a reliable solution for storing large and heavy items in a safe and organized manner.

What is Heavy Duty Racking Used For?

Heavy-duty racking is widely used in industrial, commercial, and warehouse settings where there is a need for storing heavy and bulky items. It is ideal for organizing and maximizing storage space for items such as pallets, large containers, machinery, building materials, automotive parts, and other heavy products. Heavy-duty racking systems are essential for optimizing warehouse operations, streamlining inventory management, and improving overall productivity.

How to Use Heavy Duty Racking Effectively

  • Assess Weight and Size: Before utilizing heavy-duty racking, it is crucial to evaluate the weight and dimensions of the items you plan to store. Ensure that the racking system's load capacity meets your requirements and that the shelves or beams are appropriately spaced to accommodate your items.
  • Proper Installation: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the installation of heavy-duty racking to ensure its stability and safety. Make sure the racking is securely anchored to the floor and that it is assembled correctly to withstand the intended load capacity.
  • Optimize Storage Space: Utilize the vertical space efficiently by adjusting shelf heights or adding additional levels to maximize storage capacity. Consider utilizing accessories like dividers, bins, or pallet supports to further organize and secure your stored items.
  • Follow Weight Limits: Adhere to the weight limits specified for your heavy-duty racking system. Avoid overloading the shelves or placing excessively heavy items on higher levels, as it can compromise the stability and safety of the racking system.
  • Implement FIFO System: If applicable, implement a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) system to ensure proper inventory rotation. Place items with shorter shelf life or expiration dates in the front to facilitate easy access and prevent stock spoilage.

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