Toprax Standard Kit Shelving

Toprax Standard Kit Shelving

Toprax Shelving

Our Toprax shelving units are boltless shelving coming 5 to 10 adjustable shelves, with or without container bins or boxes. Start with an initial bay and add extension bays onto it to create a run of Toprax Shelving. Toprax shelving initial bay. Our Initial bays are 1500mm high with widths from 910 to 942mm to accommodate the different bin types. We have a range of bins in different sizes and colours to suit your shelving needs and a wider range of boltless shelving.

Metal shelving is essential for any workplace or storage environment and are perfect metal garage shelves due to the versatility of uses to store equipment or office supplies. Steel shelving is strong, robust and has a high storage capacity. The metal storage shelves can hold big plastic boxes to store files, or you can even add a louvre panel to it and attach bins for more small parts storage.

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