Cube Lockers

Cube Lockers

Cube Lockers

We have stackable cube lockers for sale, mini lockers and small lockers which are perfect for offices, gyms and schools to help with staff and student small parts storage.

We have multiple sizes available in Height, Width and Depth; 300x300x300mm, 380x380x380mm and 450x450x450mm, with other colours available such as green,light grey, light blue, blue, yellow and red. Comes with a lockable door and a keys.

What are cube lockers?

Cube lockers are compact storage units that are typically square or cube-shaped, consisting of multiple small compartments or lockable cubes. These lockers are designed to provide secure storage for personal belongings, valuables, or small items in various settings such as schools, gyms, offices, and public spaces.

What are cube lockers used for?

Cube lockers serve several purposes and find applications in different environments. Here are some common uses:

  • Personal storage: Cube lockers are used by individuals to store personal belongings such as bags, wallets, laptops, books, or other items while they are engaged in activities in schools, workplaces, or recreational facilities.
  • Secure storage: These lockers offer a secure place to store valuables like mobile phones, jewelry, wallets, or important documents, reducing the risk of theft or loss.
  • Employee storage: In workplaces, cube lockers are often assigned to employees for storing personal items or work-related materials, providing them with a designated space to keep their belongings organized and secure.
  • School and gym storage: Cube lockers are commonly utilized in educational institutions and fitness centers to provide students, staff, or gym-goers with a convenient storage solution for their personal items during class or workouts.
  • Public storage: Cube lockers can be installed in public spaces such as train stations, airports, or shopping centers, allowing individuals to securely store their bags or luggage temporarily while they move around or engage in activities.

How to use cube lockers effectively?

To use cube lockers effectively and maximize their functionality, consider the following tips:

  • Determine locker requirements: Assess the storage needs of the intended users and determine the number and size of cube lockers needed to accommodate their belongings.
  • Organization and labeling: Encourage users to keep their lockers organized and use labels or tags to identify their assigned cubes. This promotes easy identification and retrieval of belongings.
  • Security measures: Inform users about the importance of securing their lockers with sturdy padlocks or built-in combination locks. Encourage them to choose strong and unique combinations or lock types to enhance security.
  • Respect shared spaces: If the cube lockers are located in shared areas, remind users to be considerate of others by keeping noise levels low and maintaining cleanliness within the locker space.
  • Regular maintenance: Periodically inspect and maintain the lockers to ensure they are in proper working condition. Address any issues promptly, such as malfunctioning locks or damaged compartments.
  • Clear usage guidelines: Provide clear guidelines to users on locker usage, including any restrictions, time limits, or regulations related to locker use. Ensure users are aware of any penalties or consequences for misuse or violation of locker policies.

By following these guidelines, cube lockers can be effectively utilized to provide secure and organized storage for personal belongings or small items. Their compact design and individual compartments offer convenience and peace of mind to users, making them a popular choice in various settings.

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