Express Lockers

Express Lockers

Express Lockers

Our express lockers stand at 1800 mm high and are available as a 1 compartment express locker a 2 compartment express locker, a 4 compartment express locker and a 6 compartments express locker offering you a versatile range for your business needs.

Express lockers are a practical storage solution for the workplace and leisure facilities. An option of depths at 450mm and 300mm, there as also colours to choose from such as light grey and blue. All lockers come fitted with a locking mechanism and keys.

What are express lockers?

Express work lockers are specialized storage units designed for the quick and secure storage of personal belongings, work-related items, and valuables in a workplace setting. These lockers are typically located in office buildings, factories, or other work environments to provide employees with a convenient and safe storage solution.

What are express lockers used for?

Express work lockers serve various purposes in the workplace. Here are some common uses:

  • Personal storage: Employees can use these lockers to store personal belongings such as bags, coats, laptops, or personal electronics while they work. This promotes a clutter-free workspace and ensures the safety of personal items.
  • Work-related storage: Express work lockers offer a secure space to store work-related items such as uniforms, equipment, tools, or important documents, ensuring easy access and organization for efficient work processes.
  • Valuables storage: Employees can use these lockers to store valuable items such as wallets, jewelry, or mobile devices securely while they are on the job, minimizing the risk of theft or loss.
  • Shift-based storage: In industries with shift-based work schedules, express work lockers provide a designated storage solution for employees to store their belongings during their working hours, allowing for smooth transitions between shifts.

How to use express work lockers effectively?

To maximize the benefits of express work lockers and ensure smooth usage, follow these guidelines:

  • Locker assignment: Determine the number of lockers required and assign them to employees based on their needs and work responsibilities. Ensure each employee has access to an appropriately sized locker.
  • Organization and cleanliness: Encourage employees to keep their lockers organized and clean. Utilize shelves, hooks, or compartments within the locker to separate and categorize different items for easy retrieval.
  • Security measures: Emphasize the importance of properly securing lockers with a sturdy lock. Encourage employees to choose strong combinations or key systems to ensure the safety of their stored belongings.
  • Respect shared spaces: If the lockers are located in a communal area, remind employees to be considerate of others. Avoid blocking walkways or access points, and maintain a clean and orderly locker area.
  • Regular maintenance: Conduct routine inspections of the lockers to ensure they are in good condition. Address any issues such as malfunctioning locks, loose fittings, or damaged compartments promptly to maintain functionality.
  • Policy adherence: Communicate and enforce any company policies or guidelines related to locker usage, including restrictions, prohibited items, or time limits for storage. Ensure employees are aware of the rules and consequences for violations.

By following these guidelines, express work lockers can be effectively utilized to enhance workplace organization, security, and employee convenience. These lockers provide employees with a dedicated space for their belongings, promoting a tidy and efficient work environment.

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