Locker Accessories

Locker Accessories

Locker Accessories

Customise your lockers with our range of locker accessories, we stock vertical dividers, sloping tops, cost rails, hooks and more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact us for more information.

What are Locker Accessories?

Locker accessories are supplementary items designed to enhance the functionality, organization, and personalization of lockers. These accessories come in various forms, including hooks, shelves, organizers, mirrors, magnetic bins, and more. They are specifically designed to fit inside lockers and provide additional storage, convenience, and customization options.

What are Locker Accessories Used For?

Locker accessories serve multiple purposes and are used to improve the overall functionality and efficiency of lockers. They provide additional storage space for small items, help keep belongings organized, and maximize the use of available space. Locker accessories are commonly used in educational institutions, gyms, workplaces, and other settings where lockers are utilized.

How to Use Locker Accessories Effectively

  • Assess Your Needs: Determine the specific requirements and storage needs for your locker. Consider the items you need to store, such as books, bags, clothing, accessories, or personal belongings. This will help you identify the most suitable locker accessories for your needs.
  • Choose the Right Accessories: Select locker accessories that align with your storage and organizational needs. This may include hooks for hanging coats or bags, shelves for additional storage, organizers for separating and categorizing items, mirrors for personal grooming, or magnetic bins for smaller items. Ensure the accessories are compatible with the dimensions and design of your locker.
  • Installation: Install the locker accessories following the manufacturer's instructions. Most locker accessories are designed to be easily attached or hung inside the locker. Make sure they are securely installed to prevent any accidents or damage.
  • Organization: Utilize the locker accessories to organize your belongings efficiently. Assign specific hooks or shelves for different items to maintain a neat and clutter-free locker. Use organizers to separate and categorize smaller items, maximizing the use of space.
  • Personalization: Customize your locker with accessories that reflect your style and personality. Consider using magnetic accessories, such as whiteboard panels or photo frames, to add a personal touch. Make your locker a reflection of your individuality.

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