Tool Charging Lockers

Tool Charging Lockers

Tool Charging Lockers

OTool charging lockers are for storing power tools or other electronic equipment to keep them safe while charging. Coming in various sizes and compartments there are plenty of choices to choose from. Built from galvanised steel with a 3 pin plug, they’re durable and reliable for your business needs.

Our tool charging lockers are available starting at 4, 5, 6 and eight doors fitted with a galvanised security shelf to prevent any unauthorised access the compartment below. Total charge and lockers have been CE tested and meet the requirements of EU safety standards. Choose from perforated or solid doors, optional widths of 300mm and 450mm, a depth of 450mm as standard and a choice of colours such as; red, green, light grey, light blue, blue and yellow.

What are tool charging lockers?

Tool charging lockers are specialized storage units designed to securely store and charge power tools and equipment. These lockers provide a convenient solution for businesses and individuals who rely on powered tools by offering a safe and organized space to store, charge, and protect their tools.

What are tool charging lockers used for?

Tool charging lockers serve several purposes and are widely used in various industries. Here are some common uses:

  • Construction and trade industries: Tool charging lockers are essential for construction sites, tradespeople, and contractors who need a central location to store and charge their power tools. These lockers help ensure that tools are fully charged and readily available when needed, improving productivity and efficiency on the job site.
  • Maintenance and repair facilities: In maintenance and repair workshops or facilities, tool charging lockers provide a secure place to store and charge tools. This allows technicians to easily access and maintain their equipment, minimizing downtime and ensuring tools are always ready for use.
  • Educational institutions: Vocational schools and training centers often utilize tool charging lockers in their workshops. These lockers provide students with a safe and organized space to store and charge their tools during their training programs.
  • Industrial and manufacturing settings: Tool charging lockers are commonly found in industrial and manufacturing facilities where powered tools are used. These lockers offer a centralized location for tool storage, preventing loss or damage and ensuring tools are always powered up and ready for use.
  • Automotive and aviation industries: In garages, auto repair shops, and aviation maintenance facilities, tool charging lockers play a crucial role in storing and charging specialized tools used for repairs and maintenance tasks. This helps technicians work efficiently and ensures that tools are always in optimal condition.

How to use tool charging lockers effectively?

To maximize the benefits of tool charging lockers, follow these guidelines:

  • Secure storage: Place your power tools and equipment securely inside the locker, ensuring they are properly positioned and protected from damage.
  • Charging process: Connect your tools to the designated charging outlets or power strips within the locker. Ensure proper connections are made, and the tools are safely positioned to prevent accidental falls or damage during the charging process.
  • Organization: Utilize compartments, hooks, or shelves within the locker to keep your tools organized and easily accessible. This helps to optimize storage space and facilitates quick retrieval when needed.
  • Charging schedule: Develop a charging schedule to ensure that tools are consistently charged and ready for use. Rotate tools as needed to ensure equal charging opportunities for each tool in the locker.
  • Security measures: Lock the tool charging locker using the provided lock or key to prevent unauthorized access. Keep personal belongings and valuable tools safe and secure.
  • Safety precautions: Adhere to safety guidelines when using power tools, both inside and outside the locker. Follow proper usage and handling procedures, and use personal protective equipment as required.

By following these guidelines, tool charging lockers can be effectively utilized to store, charge, and protect your power tools and equipment. They offer a convenient and secure solution for maintaining tool readiness, improving productivity, and ensuring the longevity of your tools.

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