Plastic Nxt Gen Containers

Plastic Nxt Gen Containers

NXT GEN Storage Containers

We stock Barton storage containers in a range of sizes with different packs available. Designed to give you the most use of space in your business, they are manufactured from polypropylene to combine high quality and your ability to be able to stack and nest these containers. They can be mounted onto Louva panels and can hold dividers to utilise the space even more. These are Barton storage bins are resistant to light chemicals including oil and acids and I also keep all over it with standing a temperature range of -15° to +15° but this is dependent on the load and stress of other bins if stacked.

Our Barton bins are ergonomically designed to create durability and strength; it includes a lifting handle on larger bins for easy manoeuvrability and includes a card slot for instant product identification, these card slots are not included please find them separately here.

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