Steel Bin Cabinets

Steel Bin Cabinets

Steel Bin Cabinets

Store your small products easily with effective access with our range of steel bin cabinets. Supplied fully assembled and ready for immediate use, they come in powder coated grey as standard but with other colours available such as red, blue and green. All cabinets are 1820mm height and 942mm wide and have an option of external cabinet depths of 377mm, 427mm and 532mm. Shelf depths for steel bin cabinets are 253mm, 304mm and 409mm. Steel bin cabinets are available with 8, 12, 16, 18, 24, 32, 36, 48 and 72 bin holes.

Our metal bin cabinets are essential for storing any small Part products loosely or or within small plastic containers, please view our NXT gen containers and TC containers for more information.

Discover the perfect storage solution for streamlined organization with Steel Bin Cabinets! In this article, we'll explore what Steel Bin Cabinets are, their versatile applications, and how to make the most of these rugged storage units for a well-organized and efficient workspace.

What are Steel Bin Cabinets?

Steel Bin Cabinets are robust and heavy-duty storage cabinets constructed from durable steel materials. These cabinets are equipped with multiple bins, drawers, or trays, providing a systematic and accessible way to store and categorize various items.

What are Steel Bin Cabinets used for?

  • Industrial Storage: Steel Bin Cabinets are a staple in industrial settings, providing secure and efficient storage for tools, parts, and equipment. The combination of bins and drawers allows workers to keep essential items organized and within reach.
  • Warehouse and Inventory Management: In warehouse facilities, these cabinets streamline inventory management by providing designated spaces for various items. Steel Bin Cabinets enable warehouse personnel to quickly locate and retrieve necessary goods, improving overall operational efficiency.
  • Garage and Workshop Organization: For DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, Steel Bin Cabinets serve as the ideal solution for organizing nuts, bolts, screws, and other small components in garages and workshops. This ensures a clutter-free workspace and accelerates project completion.
  • Retail Storage: Retailers use Steel Bin Cabinets behind the scenes to organize merchandise and supplies efficiently. This improves restocking speed, reduces the risk of misplaced items, and helps maintain a tidy storage area.

How to Use Steel Bin Cabinets:

  • Assess Storage Requirements: Before purchasing a Steel Bin Cabinet, evaluate the types of items you need to store and their respective sizes. This assessment will help determine the appropriate cabinet size and the number of bins needed.
  • Optimize Bin Configuration: Customize the bin configuration to suit your specific storage needs. You can arrange bins by size or category, and utilize drawer dividers to further compartmentalize smaller items.
  • Label Bins Clearly: Label each bin or drawer with its contents for easy identification. Utilize color-coding techniques to further streamline the organization process and facilitate quick retrieval.
  • Implement FIFO (First In, First Out): If storing perishable or time-sensitive items, practice the FIFO principle. Place new stock at the back of the bins to ensure that older items are used or sold first, reducing waste and product expiration.
  • Secure Valuables: For enhanced security, use lockable Steel Bin Cabinets to store valuable or sensitive items. This protects your assets and ensures peace of mind.
  • Regular Maintenance: Routinely inspect the Steel Bin Cabinet for any signs of wear or damage. Lubricate moving parts if necessary to keep drawers and bins operating smoothly.

Steel Bin Cabinets are the epitome of durability and organization, making them essential in various industrial, commercial, and domestic settings. By optimizing their configuration and practicing efficient storage techniques, you can transform your workspace into an orderly environment that fosters productivity and efficiency. Embrace the benefits of Steel Bin Cabinets today and experience the seamless organization they bring to your space.

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